Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care

Ina Mahoney died on October 23, 2009 after a very short battle with Colon Cancer. There were no symptoms and it was discovered with a routine exam. After surgery and one chemotherapy treatment, it was determined that the cancer was to far advanced to beat. Hospice was called to help take care of her. Gulfside Regional came in with a team of professionals to help with her care. They were great people to work with and made the next month a lot less stressful. They took care of Ina's needs as well as the families questions and concerns. They never charged the family a cent and depend on contributions to help them stay in business.  

Bay Area Bassmasters would like to do our part to keep this organization helping those in need. We have pledged a $1.00 a pound for all fish brought to the scales. We raised $5,243.59 in 2017 year for a total of $28,620.25 in total donations since our first event in 2009. We are looking forward to continuing with this tradition in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

Tom Mahoney
President Bay Area Bassmasters


2018 Donation Based on TAOY 2017 Results

Team Members


Mike Hardy & Pam Hardy $200.00
Tom Mahoney & Carol Mahoney $200.00
Richard Carter & Stacie Carter $141.00
Chris Neatherly & Steve Gallette $100.00
John Cincotta & Perry Cincotta $150.00
Brian Stillwell & Fred Haus $70.00
Tom Craighead & Bob Grosso $250.00
Greg Shamblin & Newt Hill $160.00
Kevin Hebert & Ron Hebert Sr. $120.00
Chuck Pons & Mark Rees $100.00
Joe Craighead & Carl Powers $125.00
John Simmerman & Tony Mere $152.59
Lewis Roberson & Calvin Boyette $300.00
Joe Hobson & Gary Ford $175.00
Greg Allen & Lee Allen $170.00
Eric Bachnik & Shelby Bachnik $400.00
Chuck Redding & Ginger Redding $145.00
Michael Wojcik & Dan Burns $100.00
Jeff Crandon & Jared Crandon $240.00
Roy Raulerson & Ryan Cooper $145.00
 Matt Smith & Gary Muchler $140.00
Brian Renshaw & Robert (Bobby) Squires $100.00
Casey Gonzalez & Eugene Teroski $180.00
Chris Walters & Rick Walters $100.00
Elton Brewer & Dennis Brewer $175.00
Jimmy Thibeault & Austin Thibeault $70.00
Jim Stillwell & Glenn Bailey $20.00
Don Garand & Kenny Garand $100.00
William Mickles Jr & Thomas Williams $20.00
Tony Office & Mike Blanchard $120.00
Ken Whitlow & Stephen Whitlow $100.00
Shawn Cartwright & Brian Tutich $120.00
Mark Kummelman & Kyle Stokes $60.00
Steve Mekdeci & Ryan Mekdeci $15.00
Ron Hebert JR & Paul Macchia $195.00
Jeff Baker & Blain Carter $100.00
Bruce Young & Jared Young $135.00
Rick Borden $20.00
Tim Hibbs $30.00